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Deerfield Airport

Department 56
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Introduction: January 2013

Retired: December 2015

Style trend alert: This art-deco building lends beautifully to the early aviator decorating statements found in current home furnishings and wall decor. Many art-deco motifs are carefully sculpted in the porcelain including flight wings and leaping stags that remind us of reindeer and the holiday season. Doors and window treatments continue the art-deco style. The back of the building has 2 large doors specially designated for "Arrivals" and "Departures". Frosted windows emit light in the top of the control tower. A hatch door to the roof allows roof access to the radio antenna and warning light. Framed posters at the main entrance advertise that Santa flies the local airline this year. Of course the large clock out front is set at "5 to 6".