Chocolate Truffles

Our hand-made small batch truffles with rich, decadent flavors. A great gift or a special indulgence for yourself!
These larger-than-bite-size molded truffles come in over 100 flavors and are the original recipe of 3rd generation chocolatier, Susan Fedrizzi Speach, a recipe that was a guarded secret for over 2 decades. After many years of pleading, Susan's son Michael finally received the treasured recipe and added his own spin on these decadent delights. Our Top Shelf TrufflesTM include top shelf liquors, wines, beers and spirits into the chocolate ganache centers. The new Pop TrufflesTM are inspired by pop culture, music, movies and literature and are available in Traditional as well as Top Shelf varities! Check out the many varieties below.

Amaretto Cream Truffles


Amour A Mosa Truffles


Anastasia Beaverhausen Truffles


Assorted Pop Truffles Sampler


Assorted Sue's Original Dessert Truffle Sampler


Assorted Top Shelf Pop Truffles Sampler


Assorted Top Shelf Truffle Sampler


Austin's Smokey Truffles


Banana Cream Truffles


Beetlejuice Truffles


Birthday Cake Truffle


Blueberries & Cream Truffles


Boysenberry Truffles


Burnin' Love Truffles


Butterscotch Truffles


Button Bourbon Truffles


Caramel Truffle


Champagne Cream Truffles


Chocolate Covered Cherry Whiskey Truffles


Chocolate Martini Truffle


Chocolate with A Sea Truffles


Christian Grey Truffles


Cold Espresso Truffles


Dark Chocolate Truffles